Love Is What We Are to Be


  1. Love for God is incomplete without displaying it by blessing others (v.1).
    • Why is genuine love more persuasive than impressive speech?
    • How can we make sure that our words are more than an obnoxious noise?
  2. Spiritual maturity and insight is incomplete without practicing love (v.2).
    • What happens to Christianity when we just focus on lofty concepts of faith?
    • Why is our insight worthless if it has not led us to practice genuine love?
  3. Self-sacrificing religious devotion is nothing without genuine love (v.3).
    • Why do we praise God about His self-sacrificing love more than for His perfection?
    • As the body of Christ, what traits will others reject or praise?
  4. Real love is two things: patient and kind (v.4).
    • How are we doing at the task of practicing an enduring love?
    • Why is love incomplete when it is just a concept without the actions of kindness?
  5. Love that is patient and kind does five things (v.6b-7).
    • What does your love rejoice in?
    • Who does your love protect?
    • Who is confident in your consistent hope and trust?
    • How are you persevering in our task of being the love of Christ in our world?

Call to Action: To persevere in being the patient, kind love of Christ.


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