God’s Eternal Purpose


  1. The eternal purpose of God is accomplished in Christ Jesus (v.10-11).
    • How has the church been able to make known the eternal purpose of God?
    • How amazed and sobered are you by your role in the eternal purpose of God?
  2. The eternal purpose of God was first announced to Abraham (Genesis 12:2-3)
    • How was the promise clarified to Jacob (Genesis 28:14)?
    • How are you a part of the innumerable descendants of Jacob? (John 1:51)
  3. Israel repeatedly sang Psalms about God’s purpose (Psalm 22:27, 30-31).
    • How would Israel inherit the rest of the nations (Psalm 2:8)?
    • How do you think Jesus felt when He sang Psalm 118:17 at the supper?
    • What do these psalms stir up in your heart and awaken in your will?
  4. The prophets announced the eternal purpose of God (Isaiah 2:2-3, 5).
    • How are the words of these prophets applicable to the eternal purpose of God? (Daniel 2:44; Malachi 1:11 & Isaiah 53:10b)
    • How do these prophets call you to a deeper devotion to the task of Christ?
  5. The eternal purpose of God involves us continuing to live out John 14:9.
    • What had Philip seen in the character of Christ to make this question unnecessary?
    • What needs to change in our lives so that people will say Acts 4:13 about us?

Call to Action: To devote our whole lives to the eternal purpose of God?


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